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becky a.

Uh...huh. Well. I'm a subscriber to Cottage Living, and this is the first I heard that it was shutting down. You'd think they might have, I don't know, sent something. Interestingly, I turned to CL after I realized Domino wasn't quite for me. I love it, but most of the features are not applicable to my style of home (1923 Colonial). The demise of CL makes me sad, as I find it difficult to find magazines geared toward the smaller home.

Oh well, we still have "This Old House"--although that means we probably will have to start doing projects rather than just looking at the pretty, pretty stuff we could buy!

Lisa S.

You'd think they might have, I don't know, sent something.

You'd think, huh?

It is darkly amusing that Time Warner is mishandling the CL subscriber base -- the magazine had a 1 million circulation. I can't help but contrast that with how Martha Stewart handled closing Blueprint -- by sending a note and automatically rolling over subs into Martha Stewart Living.

Even if Time Warner gets around to honoring subscribers' remaining balances, I can't see it going well. I bet I end up with "Coastal Living" -- bleah!

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