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Awesome, Lisa. I look forward to your new (?) blog. 2009 is not going to be much worse financially than 2008 for the US, IMO. Thanks for writing! I love reading your posts and all the comments from others.

drunken monkey

Looking forward to seeing where you go with this, Lisa. And updating my Google Reader...


Jeebus, you panicked me there for a minute! I am glad you will keep posting, and hope that you will find a way to write about marketing and class perception on the new blog, two topics I think you've always done a fascinating job with.


Lisa, I'm such a fan I'd keep reading if you were only going to write about your adventures in learning to castrate cats. But I'm looking forward to the new, timely focus and rooting for you to get a mention in the NYTimes under your real name!


eek! I meant 2009 is going to be much worse financially. ugh, cannot type or communicate today.


Consider me following. You know me--I'd read your grocery list if you published it.


Oooh, yay. Yours is about the only finance-related reading I can understand with any regularity, so I am super extra thrilled that you're going to be focusing on that and helping me get a little more educated about topics in response to which I would rather just hide my head under the pillows, thanks.


Oh, I'm so glad this wasn't a "going away for good" post. Phew! V. excited about your new venture.


So...ummm...if you start focusing your posts, how am I supposed to stalk you? I guess this means we might actually have to start interacting via more traditional forms of communication. :)


You panicked me there for a minute too! I'm glad you're sticking around - and I'm sure I'll love the new blog!


Good luck! I'm glad you're not totally leaving the blogosphere. Looking forward to following Filthy Commerce.


Looking forward to the new blog! All the best in 2009!


Good luck, Lisa! I will surely miss the feminism posts.

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