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Closing chains are never a good sign for the economy, but I have to say that as the mother of two pre-tween girls, I am thrilled to see Libby Lu go. They're not just about princess parties--they do *makeovers* on little girls--with hair, makeup, nail polish, feather boas, and high heels.

There's a Libby Lu in the nearby mall, and I'm always horrified when I see the little girls (usually 6 and under) walking around all tarted up with too much blush and eye shadow, carrying their Libby Lu gift bags. It's sickening.


As one who has railed long and hard about Libby Lu before, I am glad to see it go. What seems so high on the Duh Factor to me is that, if you invest heavily in a tween-trend high-concept business, knowing that tweens and teens are fickle, and that you have no way to respond to shifts in trend, shouldn't you also have a fast exit strategy? Or a plan for rapid diversification? Something?

If I owned anything that relied on teen/tween trend, I would run it just like a nightclub: build it, and sell it when it is super-hot, and then go on to the next big thing. You can't get ten good years out of a high-concept youth venture. I guess the considerations are different when there are brick-and-mortar stores to reckon with.

Maybe they could have developed the brand into a tween destination with ever-changing themes? I don't know.

I would guess the Disney princess-bride gown bit is going to go hand-in-hand with the success of its destination weddings business.


We call them "Club Pretty Baby". Not sorry to see them go.


"Club Pretty Baby" is hilarious and so clever.


It is fun to go there, if ou can afford $18 per kid for a party, then oh go to mcdonalds after or rainforest cafe afterwards(woodfield mall,il)

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