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Unfortunately I think we've already seen what happens when you implement affirmative action in the DCU; You get Black Canary and Power Girl made leaders of the JLA and JSA respectively. Except, of course, they are leaders in name only, once the chips are down, it's always Superman, Batman, or Alan Scott calling the shots. Sad really. I think this actually was DC's solution to the lack of strong women in their universe: editorial mandate that women be made more relavent. Of course without the actual writers interested in telling female centric stories, this just becomes pathetic.

I love Gail Simone. I'm sad her Welcome to Tranquility got cancelled with no resumption in sight. I know it wasn't in the DCU, but it had the potential to tell great character driven stories with a diverse cast, both in ethnicity and gender. I know it's early on in her run still, but I've found her Wonder Woman, while well written, to be kind of sidelined in the mainstream DCU. No guest stars of note, no real synchronicity with the rest of the universe (except for Amazon Attacks. Ugh, I swear someone wanted to handicap her form the start). I'd love to see her take charge of a big multi-book crossover like Geoff Johns has with the Lantern's corner of the universe. Maybe she could elevate some of the neglected female characters into actually important roles, not just token ones.

Lisa S.

You get Black Canary and Power Girl made leaders of the JLA and JSA respectively. Except, of course, they are leaders in name only, once the chips are down, it's always Superman, Batman, or Alan Scott calling the shots.

Yeah, I stopped even READING either title recently, but I would not be surprised that the next time there's a massive screw-up of some sort, it'll coincide with Black Canary or PowerGirl calling the shots.

Also, while I'm ranting about DC ... Black Canary getting married to Green Arrow ... don't even get me STARTED. It is like Winnick and Co. were like, "How can we undo the tremendous character rehab Simone did?" AIGH.

I totally agree with you that the underlying problem is that the writers are simply not interested in telling the women characters' stories. I get the feeling that if you scratch half the existing DC writers, you'll find a teenaged boy who doesn't quite get girls.


Marvel was what got me hooked on comics but I am more of a DC reader now. I actually got hooked because of New Mutants. While I never thought about it, this was a book with a multicultural cast and interesting backstories and character development. You have a Kentucky Coal miner, a native American, a Vietnamese refugee, a dark-skinned Brazlian, and a Scot. Noone felt token because they all had these complex stories that related to where they came from.

Lisa S.

Veruca, do you still have the single issues? I don't -- but Marvel's been kind enough to compile three different TPBs, up through the first Lila Cheney story.


Sadly I don't. Parents downsizing meant no room for the comics. I stopped collecting New Mutants when the wretched Inferno crossover was in full swing. BTW, Chris Claremont really should give a learning annex class to all the other writers about women in leadership positions. I loved the issue where a depowered Storm battles Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men and kicks his ass.

Lisa S.

Yeah, for everything CC does wrong, writing complex, admirable and interesting women is not one of them.

That said, I think Grant Morrison wrote the best Emma Frost. I REALLY disliked Joss Wheedon's take on her, an the Mike Carey writing right now ... ugh.


Yay, a comics post! (It does my heart good)

I've actually drifted much more to DC over the past few years (having started out as a total Marvel Mutant Zombie). I was finding things more interesting with great titles like Starman, Birds of Prey, and my much loved, much screwed up Legion.

Claremont's dialogue is stale now, and he's got this bad tendency to recyle plots that he never got to finish in X-Men until he gets to write them the way he wanted to, but I still prefer his X-Men over everyone else's.

I do think this post is interesting in that it focuses on the gender aspect of affirmative action at a time when DC is launching an integration of the Milestone characters into the DCU proper, creating a significant infusion of black characters into the DCU.

Of course, I also think that BoP is going to "relaunch" because #1 issues sell big and give an instant boost to the bottom line. I hope so, because I would miss having Oracle stop by every month.

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