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Jacquie F

She also won the governor's seat because beat out a massively unpopular slug named Murkowski in the primary. She's less driven than opportunistic. Her policies have shown a woman who will do what it takes to bolster her image--including taxing the hell out of the oil and gas industry, and NOT using the increased revenue to fix the educational system but giving everyone an additional $1200.


This idea that Palin works harder is just crapola. She didn't even bother to bone up on John McCain after he picked her as VP--how pathetically lazy is that? I for one feel like she's been handed a lot of things that she now believes she earned (much like our current president), and that is what really bothers me (and all the "elite woman" I know, all of whom actually had to work to get where they are) about her.


"It's not so much that Palin isn't one of our own--an Ivy League type, or an Eastern preppie, or a self-made intellectual like Rice. It's not for the fake feminist reasons that "she's against freedom of choice" or "she didn't tell her daughter about birth control." (Though there is an element of hatred for her fertility, and the fact that it hasn't impeded her rise.) It's not because Palin only got a passport a few years ago and doesn't speak any foreign languages.

No, it's because Palin makes us look like the slackers we mainly are. "

Oh wow. So, the reason I think Sarah Palin is terrifyingly incompetent to be running for vice president isn't that I think she's underqualified, uninfomed and holds completley different values than I do (although, that's more the reason I don't want her to win, not to run).

It's because I envy her fertility and think it should be ME running for VP.

Thank god I read this. It's all so clear now.


Oh, man. I hope you submit this as a letter to Forbes. What tripe!


Here's another take on Palin that makes me foam at the mouth, from the Romenesko media website:

Apparently, the liberal media are having trouble accepting her because she's "beautiful, accomplished, successful, pro-gun and pro-life," according to a top McCain campaign adviser.


To paraphrase the old commercial: No, we don't hate you because you're beautiful. We have plenty of other reasons!

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