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GOD, that article reminds of me when I lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Grocery shopping on the weekends was a NIGHTMARE of Malthusian proportions. The combination of crowding and rich-people entitlement resulted in utterly appalling behavior--people "sampling" food (yes, that IS stealing, assholes, or do you expect me to eat the other half of the muffin you just tore to pieces with your flithy bare hands?), threatening staff with violence, having tantrums, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.!

I was SOOOO much happier after I moved to Queens. Say what you will about the working class, but they don't act like everyone else on Earth was put here to wipe their arses.


In a perfect world, we could put all the right-wing Christian fundamentalists from Colorado Springs and all the left-wing nutjobs from Berkeley into a rocket and ship them all to another planet, where they could be one big intolerant, holier-than-thou, judgmental society together.

And the Berkeley eejits would last 5 minutes in Jersey before getting the crap beaten out of them.


When my sister lived in Berkeley, she saw people berate total strangers for not breastfeeding (one woman shouted back that her baby was *adopted*, hello) and once even saw someone give a mother flack for contributing to world overpopulation because she had more than 2 kids. Obnoxious.

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