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Kate the M

I recently found out about Spaced and devoured the 2nd season via Netflix. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the first season to come through (it's hopelessly backed up on Netflix).


A friend got me hooked on Veronica Mars this summer. I've watched all three seasons, and now I'm starting over again!


"Snapped" - the half-hour reality crime show on Oxygen all about nice girls who, uh, snap and become murderesses. If that is a word.

Or, as I privately call it "Bitches Be Crazy."


I happened across a Spaced marathon in the spring, and ended up watching the whole thing. Priceless! Now that it's available on DVD on this side of the pond, I'm seriously considering purchasing it.

Right now, at the end of the day, I'm getting by on old episodes of House, and, embarrassingly, old episodes of NCIS because it's on at least one channel almost every hour. I've also got Wonderfalls, Firefly and Undeclared on hand when I need to watch something while I'm doing my Christmas knitting (it's never too early to start!)


The wonderful "Red Green Show", without a doubt. It's a Canadian show about guys being guys and the wonders of home repair where duct tape is the magic ingredient. The last episode I saw had a section about how you could build your very own airstream-like trailer using only duct tape, a couple of leaky dories (rowboats) and the doors off all the old "household appliances you've been saving in the yard for the past seventeen years." It's on DVD, and it also shows up occasionally on PBS (late at night, usually).


Because my fiancé and I are approximately five years behind the times, we are plowing our way through seasons of "The Wire." We just finished the second season.

Before that, it was "Deadwood." We seem to be on an HBO kick lately.

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