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OK, now am I ever glad I booked with Scare Canada instead of United. Not that I'll be treated any better, but holy shit, that is just the worst thing I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot. I am never giving them any of my money, ever.

AND I'm emailing Tilton. Just for kicks. And I'm not even American.


Posting after myself to say I actually got a response from United, and here is what they said:

Dear Ms. Chase,

Thank you for your recent email to Glenn Tilton. Coverage of the
airline industry seems to generate great interest in the media, and from time to time editorials such as the one you cite are written. In this case, we were not contacted by the writer, nor given any opportunity to look into the situation. We do not believe the details present by this journalist are accurate.

We are working directly with Ms. Cabral to provide assistance.

Very Best Regards,
Laura Marshall
United Airlines Customer Relations

Interesting. Seems to me they might want to think about, oh, I don't know, defending themselves? Might be good for business.


The corporate asshats at United are still just that, but the family has received some good news. United's pilots union has given the family a check for the deposit money they lost.

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