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I am SO EXCITED FOR 90210. Brenda and Kelly are back and NOT Donna? I swear there must be a God and s/he must love me.


What Hannah said. I am unreasonably excited for this show's return. I agree with what Eckhouse said in the NYT article - it was a caricature of itself at the end, and I'm glad it finally died a natural death (disclaimer: I stopped watching around the time Brenda went to Europe -- not out of solidarity but because I was a junior in college and mostly quit TV altogether).

But those first years were mind-blowing, and I can't wait to see what they do with a new show.


I'm super excited about this too. My ringtone is the theme from Beverly Hills 90210, and when it rings I get alot of people thinking "hmmm, what is that?" and then the occasional "NICE!!"


Alice, that might be the most fantastic thing I've ever heard. I wish I'd thought of it.


I wish I'd thought of it, too. And am going to go ahead and copy it, because that is awesome.


I know, it's so great. I've actually paid for it three times, because this is the third phone I've had it on, and I can't figure a way to transfer ringtones between phones. Worth every penny.

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