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Were TV armoires ever popular? I don't mean to sound snide-- I'm genuinely curious. I can't think of when I last saw a TV armoire outside of a furniture catalog or hotel room.

That said, the converted bar sounds awesome.


My godmother has one! They have a flatscreen and a bar in an old tv armoire in the living room. This way, they can watch tv in the living room when they don't have guests and when they do have guests, they can make drinks and no one has to see the tv.


I like the bar idea. Makes me want a white russian, Gary. But where would my poster of Nixon bowling go? It really tied the room together.

Emily, they have been popular. If you watch HGTV, they are always hiding people's tvs in them. It is very hotel room, IMO.


We're actually using an old stereo cabinet as the bar right now. Same sort of re-purposing, I suppose.


I used a TV armoire as a dresser while in grad school. I loved it -- lots of room for stacking sweaters and T shirts and drawers for everything else. I didn't take it with me when I got a real job, but I wish I had.

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