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Jenn C.

You can't tell me you're surprised though - they've been arsing up the Olympics coverage for YEARS, making it abundantly clear that they have no interest in actually broadcasting the Games so much as compelling people to sit through hours of drivel in the hopes of catching 15 minutes of the sport they care about, all in the hopes of hoovering up every possible cent of ad revenue.


Plus, that 15 minutes of the sport you care about will be interrupted three times for schmaltzy profiles of every athlete who ever experienced anything resembling hardship in his or her life--they never just let you sit and watch the game/match/event.


Subject line CRACKED ME UP. Hee hee hee.


Further evidence that NBC cares nothing for the viewers? In two words: Al Trautwig.

A quote I pulled from some Tour de France coverage -- "Gone is Al Trautwig, who combined bombast and ignorance in staggering proportions." Such as, perhaps, the time in Feb. 2005 when he commented during the American Cup that Nan Zhang (2004 Olympics all-around bronze medalist for gymnastics) must feel "right at home" in Long Island because "there are a lot of Chinese restaurants around here."


I can't complain about NBC's Olympic coverage, because they've almost single-handedly quintupled curling interest in this country, and our club memberships show it. CBS was famous for the Nagano Olympics producer stating at a press conference something like: "I can promise you our coverage will be the most expansive Winter Olympic broadcast ever, but don't worry - we also promise not to include curling, so we don't bore our viewers to death." (Yes, Nagano was 1998. Yes, curlers have LOOOONG memories.)

However, where we got the 411 was through our national site (U.S. Curling Association) who knew ahead of time when and where NBC would run the matches -- mainly because we provide them with the guy in the editing room to tell them how to edit the feed. So, basically what I'm wondering is --Is there some sort of governing body for water polo as well, who would post the TV info on their site?

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