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Yes. Exactly.

And did you notice that the graphic was phrased so as to put the phrase "baby mama" in the mouth of the liberals? Clever clever, Fox.


As usual, Amen. That baby mama graphic was one of the most overtly racist and offensive things I have seen on Fox News, and that is saying something.

(Also, the "secret signal" is one of the cutest things I've ever seen a real couple do, and I love that they have a little inside joke or cute thing that they can do in public.)

Auntie Maim

Thanks for this analysis -- so dead on! I totally agree, but couldn't explain it so well when discussing it with someone else recently.


Brava. Why is anyone surprised anymore when Fox does something stupid like this? It should just be generally accepted that Fox will always say or do the most insulting thing in any situation.


How do we contact Fox and let them know we're onto them?

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