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I don't understand -- the accident caused you to give up caffeine?

I don't remember reading about this choice of yours at the time, did you ever blog about it? Maybe my memory is just bad.

Lisa S.

Ambient -- no, the accident didn't cause me to give up caffeine. It just helped me remember the day I had my last cup of coffee.

Also, I never did blog about it. It didn't really seem like it would make riveting or useful reading to any of y'all, to be honest. Giving up coffee and Diet Coke is such a pampered-yuppie type of self-improvement project, I felt like documenting it would be inflating whatever "accomplishment" there was.

Of course, I write this on a post where I'm all "No caffeine for a year! Go me!"


I am starting to have a lot more sympathy for smokers that are trying to quit while I'm trying to wean myself off of caffeine. I don't necessarily plan on never having a Diet Coke again, but it would be nice if a cold fountain drink was an occasional treat rather than a multiples-times-per-day indulgence. I just wish water wasn't so boring, though I am sure my insides are appreciating the reduction in carbonation and increase in water intake. (And yes, I know about the flavors and putting fruit in water and all of that. It's still boring.)


How about no caffeine for almost 20 years now, and I'm only 34. I think the topic fits perfectly with your blog emphasis on fiscal stewardship - think of the money saved! My co-workers have been amazed that my husband and I made it through life with a newborn without resorting to coffee or other caffeine sources; baby #2 is days away from arrival, and we'll do it all again without artificial help.

Of course, there is a qualifier on this - chocolate has caffeine, you know. I have, on occasion, eaten so much chocolate in one sitting that I've felt a caffeine buzz. It's very unsettling when you're not used to caffeine.

I hope you can continue your abstention for the next 20 years!


God, Lisa, I couldn't do it. I've never smoked, nor done harder drugs than alcohol or caffeine. But I need my coffee. I've wanted it ever since I was a toddler - loved the smell, but 4-YO me couldn't' take the bitter taste, even with milk and sugar. Boy, did that change. It's been part of my breakfast since high school at least; Mom may even have let me have half a cup in the AM as early as 7th grade.

I did swear off diet soda though (yay seltzer!) and any caffeine past 3 PM. I just couldn't go the whole way. You go girl!


Wow! A raise of my cuppa to you, Lisa! I cling (lovingly) the the various news reports that come out as to the benefits of moderate caffeine consumption. I have decided that my caffiene habits fall into that category and I'm just going with it. I have a couple half sodas a week at work but other than my two cups of sweet, hot, morning happiness everyday that's it. I gave up smoking; I don't think I could give up coffee.

Kate the M

I've tried giving up coffee before. I like it too much (the cry of every addict). But I don't smoke; rarely drink; don't do any actual drugs...I may as well have this vice (and fountain pens).


I'm really impressed. I know you had quite a relationship with your Diet Coke. I'm just over 6 months with no soda. I still have 1 or 2 cups of green tea every day, but that's been it since December 8, 2007. Water, tea, lemonade.


I gave up caffeine for nearly 4 years while I was in DC, but I fell off the wagon so to speak when I went back to school. I just didn't any way to get through the long hours and studying without that crutch. And my current job makes it a necessity as well. Staying off for a year is a real accomplishment!

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