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Well--this doesn't solve the fuel for vehicles problem, but some dairy farms around here (WI) are generating their own electricity from manure. From what I understand, the manure goes into an anaerobic digester, where microbes produce methane, which is then used to produce electricity. I believe they can then use the leftover liquid waste for fertilizer (which is reduced-phosphorus compared to straight manure), and the solids for soil enhancement. So that's pretty cool.

Lisa S.

That's not "pretty cool" -- that's REALLY cool. That is like my dream system.

So all we have to do now is revive the electric car! ;)


I keep reading about stand-alone biomass or solar generation projects in places like India and Africa that have really crappy infrastructure, and I wonder how much of that technology might ultimately get used here. It makes sense to me that it would be--just like you move off city water and onto a septic system/well combo when the population density gets below a certain amount, you could switch to some kind of stand-alone power system (that hopefully would have more oompf than a traditional diesel generator).

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