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I thought it was interesting that people say, "Wow" when they see a double-height ceiling, but when it comes time to buy, they opt to put a room there. That's exactly my reaction: That looks awesome! immediately followed by, But I bet it's freezing in winter! It's kind of like my reaction to fancy sports cars--they're very cute, but I'm glad I don't own one.

I live in a neighborhood of small houses, and I'll tell you, I bought my place two years ago and prices have appreciated considerably since then (as in, I probably wouldn't be able to afford this place). I think we must be benefiting from people deciding that the monster houses are just not worth the trouble.

Jenn C.

That's interesting, and I'm not surprised, really. It's expensive to heat places like that, and while they have "wow" factor, they're not very practical, nor conducive to a familial feeling, in my mind.

We have about 1350 square feet, and for three people, it's perfect. Just enough room that we don't feel cramped and have each been able to carve out our own spaces, but small enough that we're not paying a fortune to heat it, and I'm not cleaning rooms we never use. And we do use every room in our place, because of how we've set things up.


My perspective on how much space is necessary has drastically changed since I moved from Canada to the UK. I used to live in a 850 square foot loft with two bathrooms, one bedroom and office space, by myself. I now live in a 600 square foot two bedroom flat with one bathroom and a garden, with a flatmate, and I can't imagine what I would do with all that space I used to have.

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