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A think that a big part of the problem is the underlying assumption in a consumption based economy is that these items hold actual value, and therefore they must be kept. When truthfully, almost all value is sentimental and/or based on someone else's willingness to purchase it used. And when people say, "Oh I can ebay it!" or try to sell it for cash at a garage sale but get pennies for their stuff-- whoa awakening time!

Not like I'm speaking from personal experience or anything...


Please pardon my lapses in grammar!


I think the U.S. consumer is bursting at the seams with crap and debt. The credit card industry is posting growing delinquencies. One economist so eloquently summed up the lag in retail sales on a recent Nightly Business Report saying, "They don't have any money!" I think the credit orgy is coming to an end soon and it will take shopping as a past time with it.

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