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drunken monkey

I loathe holiday-clothing of all sorts, with the exception of pajamas. I am kind of a hard-liner about it. Bah humbug, I know.

We were invited to an ugly sweater party for New Years Eve, but we will be in a different city. I would have gone, though I was worried about the issue of being too hot in a bar with all those people.


I used to wear them, but as was pointed out on Pushing Daisies, they do have a limited amount of time that one can actually wear them. I also don't run around wearing Christmas stuff every day in December the way I did when I was 12 any more.

Eh...whatever. They don't bother me.

But I have to mention this link:

Now THOSE are ugly sweaters. Especially the ones made to look like genitalia. Hi-larious!


I think that the "anti-holiday sweater" forces are influenced by shows like "What Not To Wear" (which I actually love). There is often a scene in that show where Stacey and Clinton make very mean comments about a beloved holiday sweater, while the victim either cowers quietly with a quivering lip or attacks the hosts.

It's just not cool to have holiday themed things. So what - if you like it and it's not offensive, wear it.

Just don't ask me to do it.


Librarians. Both holiday and cat sweaters make me think of librarians. And not hot or helpful or generally cool librarians either. Shudder.


See, I am all about holiday editions of everything. I want the Coors Winterfest beer and the peppermint KitKats and the Keller's butter in the shape of a Christmas tree. I am the dork in the sweater with the knitted-in snowflake. I personally don't do representations of people or animals on my clothing, but nothing makes me happier than a grocery store clerk in a Rudolph sweater with a nose that actually lights up.


Wow, that's a good bit of PR flackery from Coldwater Creek. It made me go look at their sweaters (perhaps a gift for my MIL next year) which are actually pretty cute and not too expensive. I've never been a holiday themed sweater wearer but I must be softening in my old age. I picked up a red sweater at the Rack the other day with a winter pattern on it in black. It's not overly festive but as I happily purchased it I had to acknowledge that I wouldn't have been caught dead in it even five years ago. Ah well, sometimes it's just cold and we need sweaters.

Lisa S.

Amanda, one other thing: Coldwater Creek is amazingly easy to work with if you're a reporter. When I covered retail, I ended up chatting with them for several different articles because they A) collect crazy amounts of data on their product lines, and B) are happy to share it.

As a company, they're really quite good at what they do. Them and Chico's -- both have smart best practices in place.

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