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Lisa, you kept pushing The Wire like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I respect your opinion, so I Netflixed the show's Season 1 a couple of years ago. You lied.

The Wire is **not** the best thing since sliced bread. It is the best thing since bread, full stop. Since somebody in the Levant a couple of millenia ago spilled yeast in the flour and came back a few hours later and said, "Well. That's interesting."

I love it so much I don't watch it on HBO, because you only get one episode every 7 days. I only Netflix it; then I get to watch my Bawlmer Goodness at one episode per day, bingeing on an entire season in a little over a week. I am almost through Season 3. Then I will wait a few months to catch up on some other series I'm working through, until I cannot bear my self-imposed Wire celibacy any longer, and drop Season 4 in my queue.

P.S. I don't think HBO is worth the $$, frankly. I much prefer Netflixing stuff and watching at my leisure. Season 2 of Big Love will be shipping to me shortly.


Uh. Mah. Gaaaad. You are so right. This is the best thing going. I was out to dinner with friends and one of my friends asked, "So what has everyone been reading?" Polite silence. Then someone mentioned The Wire, and the three of us who've watched it went apeshit. It's like the best parts of reading and the best parts of movies and the best parts of - well, everything all wrapped up in one fantabulous bundle of edge-of-your-seat TV watching. DAMN, I hate having to wait for NetFlix!

Laurel Krahn

I know. That trailer is the best thing evar (right now) for me.

And not just because Clark Johnson is acting again, though really-- that'd probably be enough to be the best thing ever for at least a day.

Teaser vids are on YouTube too and the prequels are on Amazon.com. Can't wait.


I've been reading a lot of praise for this series, but it just seems like take-yer-medicine TV. I'm sure it would very good for me, and I should suffer through the intense reality of it for the purpose of enbiggening my brain or something, but instead I'd rather watch genre.

Genre shows me things I can't see in my everyday life. I was just watching some teens deal drugs outside the barbeque place where I was eating last night, so watching it on TV too doesn't hold much charm.

These days if a show doesn't have a sassy female lead, spaceships, or supernatural powers (or actors who have previously charmed me on shows about sassy female leads, spaceships, or supernatural powers), I just can't get interested.


I gotta admit, I loved Homicide, and I love the cast of the Wire, but the Wire is just too much for me. And Antoinette, I suspect we watch the same shows.

Lisa S.

The Wire is pretty chewy -- I absolutely understand where someone might be like, "Eh -- give me Supernatural."

That said, I think The Wire rocks because I think it's also crafting the roots for a new genre in reporting -- sort of long-form storytelling rooted in fact, instead of the nightly news one-minute format. In a lot of ways, the show reminds me of some of the better long-form works of nonfiction.

(Of course, this isn't too surprising, as it comes from the same people who wrote "The Corner" then brought an adaptation of that to HBO.)

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