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No shit, Lisa, I just read this 30 seconds ago and then bopped over here to see your latest. And, WORD. All I could think of was: "Next Sunday, do we get to see an essay from Karen?"

But what I've noticed lately is that the NYT writes articles to suit their readers (as you've noted, what with all the "Hark! The vast majority of young women are foregoing their Ivy League educations to have babies with their hedge fund husbands!" claptrap they've been running for, oh, five years now). And you know what? This self-indulgent mea culpa is perfect for that market -- after all, they're not the Karens of the world, are they? Why not tell the story from snotty Darcey's POV? What other POV would those self-satisfied Manhattanites understand?


Goddamn, I need to write a letter to some of the girls I was heartlessly brutal to. I don't know if I have the fortitude, to be honest.

Man, that made me cry.


I own a shop, and one day one of the "mean girls" from my high school came in. This was 20 years ago that we were in high school, but I was still on my guard.

When she realized who I was, the first words out of her mouth were "I'm sure I owe you an apology for how I acted in high school." I was majorly impressed.

Because, wow was she a bitch in high school.


Also, I read one of Darcey Steinke's books, and it was terrible. So even her 'literary pretensions' will not excuse her.

Team Karen!

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