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drunken monkey

Oh y'all, I don't know! I will try to wrap presents with stuff currently around my house -- newspapers, colourful magazine pages -- instead of buying new wrapping paper, even if my fiance makes fun of me. And when I finally sort through the enormous pile of mail I need to deal with, I will recycle all the envelopes and useless inserts.


Which holiday traditions are you feeling a little conflicted and guilty over?

The whole wrapping-paper thing is kind of giving me fits, because I really don't like a lot of the eco-friendly ideas I've heard touted (don't give gifts, or don't wrap your gifts, or wrap them in whatever you've fished out of the recycling bin, or wrap them in holiday-themed bandannas that other people apparently just have lying around the house by the dozen). Sometimes stuff comes in the mail packaged in vast quantites of kraft paper, so I'm thinking of saving that stuff and decorating it with stamps or something--that might look OK. Also I'm going to try to buy recycled wrapping paper.

Ky Eliza

Since I work in a gift store, the wrapping thing makes me crazy. Today, some guy had me BOX and WRAP two extra-large, scented pencils. They each cost, like, $2. The WASTE. Oh, it's making me nuts.

This year, if I have ordered anything from the internet, I am keeping it in it's shipping box. The box gets decorated with magazine pages that I was going to recylce anyway. I'm taking the ends of ribbon spools from work (where there's ribbon left, but they don't work in our dispensers anymore) and using it on packages wrapped in the funnies. I been saving those sections from my Sunday paper and will have plenty for Christmas wrap.

Whenever I mail something (usually a painting), I take boxes from work and reuse those. I'm really feeling the sting of commercialism this year, which is a big part of the reason I am trying to shop exclusively from Etsy, to support individual artisans.

James Chen

Only kids get presents. Unwrapped. We are also leaving the thermostat at 65 degrees during the day, and turning off the heater at night. I'm taking the bus to work now, so I've reduced driving to around 40-50 miles per month. Finally, we reducing the amount of garbage we're producing by around 50%--primarily due to composting and recycling.

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