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drunken monkey

Uh, I switched to organic all-cotton tampons with no applicator. I know, it's no Diva Cup -- but people, I can't go there, and I won't go into why. This is the best that it's going to get for my menstruation-related products, I think.

I haven't actually gotten around to wrapping any presents, but I'm still going to use reused paper when I do. And I'm sending ecards instead of paper cards for the holidays -- but let's face it, that's mostly because I can't get my shit together to get cards out in the mail.


I've been scoping out sources for recycled Christmas paper--I always buy mine after Christmas to take advantage of clearance sales, so we'll see how that goes--and I'm saving the kraft paper that comes in packages to use as wrap. I also bought LED Christmas lights, and they're on a timer so that I don't forget and leave them on all night like I usually do.

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