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drunken monkey

I like all three ideas, so I'm no help. Fiscal fitness might be great -- I need a motivator there, I think. I also love the idea of conscious consumerism; I feel like I've gotten a lot of smaller environmental changes around my house in line, thanks to the monthly challenges here and reading I've done elsewhere, but I'd like to focus on what I buy more specifically.


I agree, I like all three. Especially conscious/activist consumerism. I'm wondering right now whether deciding to not buy DVDs for Christmas will help the striking WGA writers - because big media=bad, but "Ratatouille" looks like fun.


I think the benefit came not just from the RRR project aspect, but from the reminder and reinforcement. Maybe you didn't do exactly what you set out to do, but hey--recycling the Lean Cuisine tray is a little something, no?

Fiscal fitness, career development, and conscious consumerism all sound good. Me, I'm moving to Phoenix in February and have a professional article due, so I'm concentrating on that for a while.

Hey, how did the quarterly parties turn out?

Lisa S.

Sadly, this is the one area this year where I have really fallen down on the job. I blame: construction debris around the house from May 2007 to ... now; the iPhone's landing (I was an iPhone widow); the moonlighting as a lifeguard; crazy day-job stuff; now, the holidays.

I would love to entertain more ... it's just I have a disconnect between what I want to do and what I can feasibly do.


Lisa, this is my first comment on your site, but I vote for fiscal fitness.


I vote for fiscal fitness. I used to be very, very good at it. While I'm not going into debt or anything now, I am definitely lazier about things. Like entering my info into Quicken. And making food at home from scratch.


I originally read the "fiscal fitness" challenge as "physical fitness" challenge. Don't ask me why, maybe it's the Venti coffee that is clouding my mind.

Anyhoodle, I'd be down for either a fiscal or physical fitness challenge. Lord knows I probably need a little help with both.


Lisa, I also vote for fiscal fitness. I tried doing it by myself and failed. I am hoping with all of you I could do better. I know won't do worst.

Thanks for considering my vote!


Lisa, I also vote for fiscal fitness. I tried doing it by myself and failed. I am hoping with all of you I could do better. I know I can't do worst.

Thanks for considering my vote!


What about non-consumer activism?

Lisa S.

As a focus for a year-long project, I haven't chewed non-consumer activism enough to figure out where to direct my focus and how to structure activities. The things I'd be wary of: choosing an area to focus on, and making sure that what I'm focusing on doesn't conflict with my reporting work.

However, if you'd like to run something like that on your weblog, please drop a link. I'd love to see how you do it!


I loved your RRR challenge. It has helped a lot around my house as well. As for next year, all three sound great. I have spent the last year working on fiscal fitness. It is very important for people to get their finances in order. I do think there is a rocky year ahead for consumers/Americans so it might be a more timely topic to focus on finances.

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