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Ok, reading this from Europe, I just have to ask:

"My husband and I live in a nice four-bedroom house"

Why do two people feel they need a four-bedroom house? Is it a "keeping up with the Joneses" thing? Wouldn't two or, God forbid, one bedroom be sufficient?

Shaking my head in Germany...


I think this quote is interesting:

"If you're making six figures, you're rich. Maybe not filthy rich, but you're rich. You don't have to worry about being able to buy groceries in a given month or if the power is going to be cut off."

See, I just don't get this at all. Like, if you're not struggling to pay your bills every month you're rich?? What happened to the middle class in America?

I don't know. I would say our incomes put us in solid middle class territory, but I have one of those head-shaking houses, and it's easy for perspective to get skewed. I mean, income and lifestyle is kind of a self-selecting group, and we just upped our country club membership.

If you asked me, I would never say we were rich, and we still budget not-so-well and end up with tight weeks but also, we're both saving for retirement, saving some additional investment money every month, and involved in stock purchase plans, etc.

I don't know. I don't feel rich. I just feel worried about getting nailed by the AMT one of these years.


I'm surprised that NYTM readers said that 500k/yr is where rich begins. I would have guessed much higher, more around 1m or 1.5m. It costs so much just to live in the city, and there are a lot of costs associated with having the kind of job that can pull in a lot of cash (clothing, grooming, and entertaining expenses come to mind). Throw in gym, childcare, school tuition and a weekly cleaning person -- extras to be sure, but not the sort of things that scream RICH -- and you're at 500k before you've filled your first Louboutin with champagne.

I think if you are making your day-to-day expenses without struggling you're middle class, and if you're not sweating the lifelong big-ticket items in the least (house, college education for the kids, etc), then you're rich.

J.C. Carvill

Even though I don't like too much with the idea of going with the herd, I have to say that I have to agree with the others.

Being rich is a relative reference from place to place, country to country and city to city..

But there is one more approach to the definition.. That is how much space you have between the roof as your income and the floor as your living costs..

I would say, if you don't have to sweat with your present and future expenses, then you are rich.. With enough discipline and understanding, this is the first game level that should be easily achieved by most people all over the world.

But if you are spending like 'crazy' and and still saving more than you could ever wanted, then you are filthy rich. I apologize for the straightforward wording, because I want to emphasize the huge difference with simply just being rich.. Not many people has this fortune (only 1% in U.S.?).. Even I still am figuring out to break this getting ultra rich puzzle..

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