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I had a mint minature today (well, four). They were in the office candy dish and I could not resist. Totally delicious.

Lisa S.


I bought three bags last night (they were on sale, 3 @ $5). And I have currently hidden them in my garage so I won't touch them until after Thanksgiving.

However, I am a real freak because I sort the miniatures out by color and hoard the milk chocolate ones. My niece, who prefers white chocolate to any other flavor, was the happy recipient of five bags' worth of white chocolate miniatures last year.


There is nothing weird about soring by color. White chocolate is gross.


Wait, you mean people don't sort them? Who are these people?

The white chocolate ones would be okay if they didn't have the "festive" sprinkles in them. Blech.

Also, I had a "mint truffle" Hershey's kiss the other day and it was delicious. I may have to switch my minty allegiance to them from the miniatures.

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