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Men make decisions. Women make dinner.

If anyone ever wonders why I'm single....

We must fit into this role. It's so much more important than our own personal happiness.

Yes. God wants you to be MISERABLE. That is his plan for you, Ashley Smith. A life of NEVERENDING MISERY. Praise Him! For in His eternal benevolence, He wants you DEAD INSIDE!

You know, I always think this about these kind of idiot right-wing Christian nut jobs, but whatever happened to the idea that God's will is mysterious and beyond the ability of humans and human society to fully comprehend? This idea that religion is all about quick 'n' easy answers to questions like, Why am I here? just seems the antithesis of at least the kind of religion I grew up with.


You know, aside from the part where it's completely INSANE, I also see this as being part of the "everything worth doing requires a bachelors' degree" syndrome. If you're going to see homemaking as a career, it seems like it might work better as an apprenticeship kind of situation -- learn from your mom, or do a year as an au pair, or something. This has happened to a lot of the allied health professions recently -- big increases in 4-year degrees for dental hygiene, radiation techs, and other careers that used to be 2-year degrees. It seems like you can't be middle-class without a 4-year degree anymore.

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