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drunken monkey

Oh, don't sell yourself short.

It's probably a bit of a trek for a weekend trip from Toronto, so I will not be in attendance, but it sounds fun!


I would love to come see you this weekend, but your event is unfortunately not in my neighborhood. Doesn't that just suck? I trust you'll post about it for those of us who cannot attend.

Cecil Vortex

Very nice to meet you today -- that was a lot of fun....
-Cecil (aka Dan)


The first thing my husband told me when he got back from the panel was that one of his co-panelists was a TWoP writer. Suddenly I was star-struck in a way that has never happened in a life not void of so-called celebrity encounters. I spent a very geeky drive that evening regaling him with stories of Recaps I Have Read In My Time. Now I have another reason to be sad we've moved away.

Lisa S.

Awww! Your comment made my evening. Also, I am sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you after the panel.

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