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McLean Bible Church is just plain scary, though. I mean, eek. Seriously.

They have that megachurch in McLean (duh) Lon Solomon, the converted MOT broadcasts his "not a sermon, just a thoughts" on the radio, and they have started renting the Uptown Theatre to extend their ministry.


It looks like one of the ways that Christianity is adapting itself or being adapted by a younger generation that isn't enthused about current Christianity is to create a new label. Here's a blog entry I came across which talks about the use of the term "Christ-follower" rather than Christian.


I went to Mass in rememberence on my dad's birthday, and I about cracked up thinking how The Don would have hated that there was the dreaded guitar at a 9am Mass and that the director actually instructed the congregation on the tune. Real Catholics sing off-key!

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