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The way Workers Comp is structured, your mailman couldn't sue or get a trip. His medical care would be paid for, and any time off would be paid, maybe at a much lower rate. The WC insurance company, which pockets 35 to 40% of premiums for profit and administration, might be able to sue you, however.


Thanks for the clarification. I'll be sure to fact-check all my off-the-cuff gibes from here on.


Sorry, I didn't mean it as an attack on your gibes in a very funny account. I just wanted people to know the facts.


Sawzalls are awesome. I'm glad you tried again with the jackhammer--so many times with power tools people give up the first time it doesn't go perfectly, when really it's just that there's a learning curve.

If it's any consolation, I started redoing my bathroom in February, and it's still not done. Life gets in the way sometimes, you know?


Oh man. I am so jealous of your jackhammer usage. That looks fun.

I don't know - I have used a Sawzall, but I am afraid that my loyalty to a good old-fashioned gas-powered hoss of a chainsaw can not be swayed. I mean, sure, a chainsaw doesn't do a very good job of cutting things that are not trees or big chunks of wood, and plus, they are fucking scary, but also, they are SCARY AND LOUD AND CHAINY. Love.

How long did it take you to get that concrete gone?


There's something very disconcerting to me about a turquoise jackhammer. Disconcerting... or hilarious.


Yes! I love these posts and cannot wait to see before and after pics. I'm glad you addressed that because I'm all, "Photo!? Photo!?"

We have done 3 "mighty" home improvement projects to our new abode. 1) Build sawhorses. 2) Cut a cat door from the kitchen to the garage. 3) Build a whole swinging door to close off the full height crawlspace in the garage. It looks really great and keeps the evil cats out of there who are so damn determined. These are major endeavors because we are finally using all the tools which Thom's Mom got us years ago (sawzall, circular saw, drill, etc.) and I got to buy and use a countersink bit. I don't know why that is so great to me but it is. We are realizing that these tools will not do in the long run. They are starter tools. So, I'm gonna look into that Milwaukee sawzall.

My problem with most power tools is the grip. I have small hands and it takes two hands to turn off the safety on the circular and then position it properly which, I think, is really not that safe.

Anyway, congrats on the porch demo!

Ex-Monkey Ben

Definitely a job this American wouldn't do. But I can't wait to see those photos.

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