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Hey, I did a review of The PLAIN Janes last week--not impressed overall, but I think that might be because Castellucci is a marginal writer. The other Minx titles look pretty clever.


Thanks for front page pimp. And here's another variation on the trend for you--they're turning old romance novels into manga. Bad romance turned into manga. Smart Bitch Candy wrote a hilarious review of one, which I've linked to.


This is a really good development. I went into a comics store with a friend a couple times when I was just out of college (13 years ago or so), and it was such an excruciating experience both times that I gave up on the idea of getting into the X-Men after the second time, and just read my friend's back issues for a while. The clerk wasn't bad, but seriously every other guy in the store stopped what he was doing and openly stared at me for the entire time I was in there.


I've been to them with my husband a couple of times, and, DUDE, the smell. I had to get out of there.

Lisa S.

Oh, Brona, you were just in the wrong stores. I hope.

I have to say, going in comic book stores now is SO MUCH better than it was fifteen years ago. There is less of the I-will-talk-to-your-rack nonsense and less of the And-now-let-me-make-fun-of-your-taste nonsense. I wonder if it's a generational shift, 'cause the people who are working at stores now are my age or younger, and we all grew up with co-ed nerdery.

drunken monkey

I went to a comic store with a female friend about three years ago when she was researching a related story. The reaction the two guys working there had to her was hilarious -- "A girl! And she's pretty! And she likes comics!" One guy was so taken aback that he literally hid, and the other talked to her non-stop, clearly a little flummoxed. It was kind of amusing, but neither man was unfriendly.

I've gone in comic stores with her a few times in Toronto too, but haven't noticed the same reaction. Maybe in a larger market where you're naturally going to get more female readers -- particularly because the stores here carry a wider range of products in general -- it's just not that strange. Or maybe we just happened upon the most stereotypical male comic fans possible the first time.

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