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Lisa, do you have any take on the feminist issue here? That is, Don Imus has been making totally unacceptable sexist comments for years, but only when he puts a racial slur in front of a sexist one is he called to answer for it?


My only take -- personally -- is a cynical one: there are no truly effective mainstream feminist politicians, groups, or professional organizations that could do what the NAACP, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson can do.

And I suspect the first time some prominent woman did come out and say something along the lines of "referring to women as 'hos' is ridiculously juvenile and disrespectful," you'd have another one going on the air saying, "I'm a woman and I'm not offended, so if you're offended, that's your problem, not a problem for women as a whole."

I mean, you can't have one self-identified feminist going to a shindig with Bill Clinton without another self-identified feminist clutching her pearls at the photo and shrieking about a rack shot. With this kind of bullshit squabbling, there's no way you'll ever get anything resembling the kind of leadership that can make the point that sexism is as socially crippling and morally repugnant as racism. And until sexism IS positioned as socially crippling and morally repugnant -- instead of being cloaked in arguments like "God made men and women different, so of course they have different rights" or "Science has shown men and women are different, ergo one gender is superior" -- it is never, never, never going to have the same deterrent effect that an accusation of racism has.

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