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drunken monkey

We were going to buy a multi-game pass, though we are certainly not wealthy; unfortunately, our friends could not get their shit together and choose games. They're a good deal! You get your pick of games, a discount on the tickets and first dibs at opening day, one of the few days of the year that the Jays sell out.

That may be the rub, of course; the really hot ticket in Toronto is the Leafs, and then there's the Raptors. And as a hockey fan, I can tell you that it's mighty annoying to know that you can't get seats because many filled by people in suits who talk on their cell phone for the entire game. It struck me as strange that Leafs fans where known as tame when you consider the sheer insanity of many of the club's followers, but it doesn't take too long looking at audience shots during a broadcast to realize why -- those guys aren't in the arena.

I stayed at an inclusive resort in the Dominican a few years ago -- catered mostly to North American university students, British families and European retirees, it seemed. It was nice, three-and-a-half stars, but not super swanky. We paid about $200 a night, Canadian dollars, during a busy season. So I'd hazard a guess that the resort the couple in question stayed at was already pretty fancy, and in their case I'd also probably be kind of annoyed.

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