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Adam Cadre

I've actually been working on revising this one for paperback (if nothing else, it's a marginally more productive way to put off working on the new book than are most of my procrastinatory pursuits) but mostly I'm just slimming down some overly labored phrasings — the overall structure, such as it is, is likely to remain intact. Ah well. Thanks for giving the book a try! I hope the next one rewards you for keeping an open mind.


Adam! Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for leaving a comment.

I really did love the Young family -- you did such a great job painting a vivid portrait of their family life, and creating unforgettable supporting characters (like August and Julie) is a real gift. I do look forward to your next book. Heck, given the editing you're doing on this one, I wouldn't mind giving the paperback revision of _Ready, Okay!_ a read.

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