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I was inspired by your #102 last year, and it followed me all through 2006. I only succumbed to the Real Simple November issue, which was so not worth it and allowed me to renew my resolve. Even an airport newsstand grab, I'd try to go for the news mag or the Thoughtful Lofty Literate one (Atlantic, New Yorker, etc). (Disclosure, though -- I also have a "no rules at the salon" policy. Whatever pablum they're serving up, I'm taking!)

Thanks for sharing your resolutions and lists. It doesn't seem to be something people really care to track. You know, there'll be loads of resolution blog posts next week... but so few people will then follow up next year and admit, "Yeah, I biffed that one... but this one worked..." and so on. So, lots of initial energy but little follow-through. Which is too bad because I really like seeing how other people do the personal growth thing.


I made my list for 2006 but hit too few of the items. I need to take the full tally and prepare for next year's list.

Starting off 2006 unemployed, I had lofty goals, but then becoming employed screwed me for some of them as well when I started working long hours. The thing that disappoints me most is that I didn't get to the house things. The thing I'm most proud of is that I finally found a rug that I love for my family room, even if the arrival of it on my Discover card is hurting me in the post-Christmas bill arrival department. Oh--and I'm still going to water aerobics after more than two years. That is the longest I have ever consistently participated in any sort of organized physical activity! Has it made me thin? Nope. But I love doing it and I love the women in the class. It's totally worth going because moving is better than not moving and I know I'm stronger for going.

Better luck to me for 107 in 2007!


#105 - "already traumatized enough"? Oh please. Wimpy cats. I've had all of my ferrets done with the very same big needle and rice-grain-sized chip. That's a two-pound pet, mind you, and none of them even fliched. March right into that vet and demand your chips! (Of course, I'm picking on your silly vet, not you.)

drunken monkey

I did alright with my personal goals last year -- my financial situation is better now than it was in January 2006, I got some much-needed furniture items for our apartment, I feel like I've made some progress at work (though it wasn't in the way I'd imagined I'd be doing it) and I improved my eating habits, joined a gym and lost some weight. So, not so bad.

But I got knocked on my ass by several things this fall, so my financial and fitness progress has stalled. (Work, somehow, has improved.) And I never did get as much reading done as I wanted to.

This year I'll be making a 107 in 2007 list, because I like the idea of having smaller goals that I have to pay regular attention to. It'll focus on getting my spending, eating and exercising back on track, picking a cause and making small-but-regular donations towards it, completing one apartment-improvement project a month, throwing myself into a new role at work with an eye towards expanding it and reading for pleasure more often.


Thom's been bothering me to make goals for the New Year. I guess I'm just not ready yet. Though, of course, there are things that I've been thinking of trying to do this year. A lot of it just has to do with fitting things in around my new job -- getting into an exercise rhythm, figuring out how to take more lunches to work. We both want to do some entertaining this year -- get more people over for dinner. The last six months have just been about Thom and I reconnecting, sorting through detritus and getting settled into new jobs and routines. We've let some of our friendships languish while we've been so inwardly focused. A part of this outward focus is to do some charity work. I was really inspired by your monthly charitable donations and we will be doing something like that this year. Toward the end of last year I finally put together a financial spreadsheet which in itself was a huge goal accomplished and included a line item for a monthly cash donation.

Oh, and I really need to buy some new shoes! There's a goal.


We had Tie microchipped at the Humane Society for something like five dollars and it was over in a flash. No trauma at all.

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