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So horrifying.

drunken monkey

I seriously can't think of anything to say to that. It broke my brain.


"It seems very unlikely to me that God would have set up the earth to work in such a way that these good and necessary activities would actually destroy the earth."


The problem is, you can't argue with people who think that. Nothing any of us could say will ever change his mind.


If God had wanted us to have cars and tractors, he would've put them in the Bible! Not in the Bible = not morally good or necessary, Wayne baby.

(I don't really think that, because it would be stupid, but it still makes just as much sense as Grudem's argument.)


If there is a God, perhaps this God made us so intelligent that we would know not to fuck up our planet, that we would be as smart as the animals and not shit where we eat, that we would realize that our role is one of caretakers, responsible for the welfare of both man and beast. Perhaps the fact that we do not know this proves that there is no God.


wtf? I mean, if God let us make nuclear bombs we should use them? After all nuclear bombs just create heat and heat is good for us, it warms us when we are cold.

Are cars necessary?


Seriously, haven't these people ever been teenagers?

If your parents gave you the keys to the house, told you it was yours to take care of, then you had a huge party and trashed the place, wouldn't they be incredibly pissed?

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