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LBI! We used to stay in Ship Bottom and Barnagat. I miss it.


From the article:

Christine Ferris ... and her husband paid $300,000 for the condo, which is 700 square feet and is four lengthy blocks from the beach in Beach Haven. They plan to use the property for three weeks each summer with their three daughters, who are 9, 6, and 17 months. “We rented for a week last year and it just wasn’t enough,” Mrs. Ferris said.

That's a pretty steep price for a three-week vacation, even by California standards. I think this is still a gig for people with more money than sense.


$300K to own 700 sq. ft near the water is not bad.

Just because the owners are only using their property for a few weeks a year doesn't mean that the property itself is necessarily overpriced; it's just overpriced relative to the owner's use, and that's assuming the owner didn't rent it out the rest of the time to recoup some of the costs.


Oh, no, I wasn't suggesting it was overpriced. Just that the owners were overindulging. (And if they don't rent that thing out, they're completely crazy.)

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