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drunken monkey

Bargh gah snarl.

I think that the author of the second piece has taken a reasonable statement -- sometimes, in today's popular cultural climate, it can feel like there's only a couple of acceptable ways to be a woman -- and done a whole lot of extrapolating and reaching in an attempt to make a Big Point. Comics are just an easy target, a simple way in.

As for the first one, I don't even know what's up there. For one thing, if we're going to base What A Woman Is Today on the singles charts alone, things are looking a lot better now than they did, say, five years ago. You mention blogs, which I think have really only made it easier for artists who may fall outside the musical mainstream to find an audience. And just last year, Sleater-Kinney received lots of very positive press for their last album release (and rightfully so); they were hardly scuttled into the background. It was one of the best reviewed albums of the year. S-K didn't go out in defeat; they went out on a high note.

I hate that the Paris Hilton image is so pervasive, that she's someone young girls want to emulate, that my 13-year-old cousin's role models are people like The Pussycat Dolls. Sometimes it's hard to look beyond that. But we're not going to hell in a handbasket because a band broke up for reasons underdermined and probably interpersonal. I'd suggest the author listen to S-K's "#1 Must Have," which at least interjects a little hope into the equation.

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