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I bet you really hate that scene in The Wrath of Khaaaan with the psychic earwigs.

Also, keep the isopropanol out of your body. It's not as bad as methanol, but you're still not equipped to detoxify it if you take it orally.

So the alcohol doesn't strip the waxy cuticle off the leaves?


You bet right. I see that scene in my NIGHTMARES.

So the alcohol doesn't strip the waxy cuticle off the leaves?

It does dry them out -- you're supposed to rinse the plants after about 5 minutes to get the last of the isopropyl off. I'm also going to give the plants a little TLC watering-wise this evening before I head out to the As game.


My garden consultant came by last night and talked to me about "leaf jumpers" and how to tell if it was little things or bigger things that were eating parts of my plants.

And I'm depressed and amazed at how quickly weeds have grown up again in an area that we had completely cleaned out just 3 short weeks ago.


At my Pocono house this weekend, I saw the tell-tale small white sack that says, "Hemlocks, we have a problem."

Freaking adelgids. (They are devastating the Eastern hemlock population, anyone who has driven through the Delaware Water Gap and wondered why there appears to be bare wooden telephone poles stuck all over the mountains has seen the result). The worth of my property is that the house is nicely hidden at the back of nearly two acres of conifers, or rather, HEMLOCKS. If they go down, so does my property value.

Which means that instead of truly enjoying the incredible expense of my trip to northern Italy next week, I will be worrying about the incredible expense of saving my trees that waits for me when I get back.


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