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Oh, I love Hard Harry too. Sometimes I think about writing a piece about how podcasts are the new Hard Harry radio show, and then I think, "Well, duh, NO SHIT, what else is there to say about it?," and then don't.

As for Lloyd, I used to feel the same way as many women did. Then I dated my last ex, who was very much a Lloyd to my Diane. And now I know how that fairy tale ended: after awhile, Diane got fed up with Lloyd never doing anything careerwise or doing anything beyond "being with your daughter." *sigh* Movies are definitely better than real life.


See, I don't know that I loved either. I was too taken with Blaine from "Pretty in Pink". Or maybe not. What I do know is that I saw Say Anything way too late in my teens for it to have an affect on me, but "In Your Eyes" is still one of the most perfect songs ever.

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