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Very impressive, Lisa! I cannot remember my list from 2005. It had to be scrapped for the sake of sanity. My planning did not include any of the crazy events of 2005. But my hopes are high for 2006!

drunken monkey

I had a lot of changes right at the start of 2005 -- new job, new city -- so I didn't make set-in-stone resolutions. I did keep things in my head though -- start paying down debt, don't increase debt, get a feature published at work, make a trip home, keep my relationship strong in a year of upheaval, take better care of myself. I did pretty well with those, actually, so I'm going to make real resolutions this year.


Like DM, I had too much going on in early 2005 to make or follow resolutions. But, I'm pondering doing them as a household this year. I like the idea of these lists, of looking back and seeing what got accomplished.


I did 3 out of 5, and I had good reasons for not doing the other two, so it was a great year for me.

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