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In the same vein, they have Hershey's Kisses in mint flavor.

I'm assuming they're basically the same thing in a different mold, although I'll try yours just to make sure (for science, don't you know...)

They're only available for the holidays, though, so I plan on stopping by my local drug store and buy 8 or 9 bags worth to get me through the year.

Also, try the Peanut Butter Kisses. They're new, and they're awesome. Like little Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.


My favorite chocolates are as follows:

Rolos (chocolate & carmel). Love them since my dad would pick them up at the airport on his way home from a special assignment.

Dark Chocolate Dove Bars. So creamy. So dark. So I have to eat the whole bag!

Any chocolates from The Belgian Chocolate Shop in St. Maarten! All are fabulous. I highly recommend their Kama Sutra chocolates as a gift for friends. There is nothing like chocolate in the form of sexual positions!


My favorite holiday candy is the Butter Nut Munch made by the Trappistine nuns at Mount St. Mary's Abbey in MA. My aunt used to order this at Christmas every year and my mother and I have ordered quantities in the past and shared the discount. They're great to put in the freezer and have for people stopping by or to take to a gathering. I haven't ordered from them for a couple of years and see that they have dark chocolate now. I think we'll have to try that soon!

Oh, and I always have a bag of Dove Dark whatevers in my fridge. Just a little taste of dark chocolate can make me happy.

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