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Alex S.

Thanks for the kind words Lisa - that kind of charmed me.


Just sort of a side note - what I remember from my restaurant days is that most wait staff are just trying to scrape by, but a handful of them were already set for life, and just did it to meet people.

On a side note to the side note, tip well, people. It's not easy trying to make a living entirely off the kindness of strangers. Fast food workers at least get paid minimum wage and above - wait staff don't even get half that. I've even seen negative paychecks, after taxes. I wish I were joking.


This is completely anecdotal, but I am shocked, seriously, by the growth in home prices in Chico (my home town, and on your list of places that are continuing to grow). My dad just bought, and the prices he reported seeing were comparable to if not higher than what we paid in Sacramento. It's interesting to me how much the very marginal areas (Redding, Merced, Modesto, Chico) are booming; do people really want to live in California that badly? I guess we do. But those areas, if the market falls, could really, really fall. The economic base is just not that great, and these are not commutable distances from urban centers (3-4 hours from the Bay Area in many cases, 2+ from Sacramento).

Also anecdotally, I'm noticing a big slowdown here in Sacramento. Houses are just sitting on the market, even in the really desirable neighborhoods and even after dropping their prices. List prices are high, but whether the houses are selling is another story.

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