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drunken monkey

Ooh, have you seen the video? They played it about once a half hour on the news on Friday, and I squeed internally every time. I can't get enough of the penguins.

Peggy Nature

This is, indeed, adorable. I just have a question: what, exactly, is the logic behind 'preventing obesity' in penguins?

I mean, I've read the winter/fattening/higher-blood-sugar explanation, but it still really tells me NOTHING of import. If penguins have evolved the behaviour of being more sedentary during the winter, and therefore getting fatter during the winter, then, er, isn't that what they're SUPPOSED to be doing?

Am I missing something here?

drunken monkey

I just emailed my boyfriend: "If you really loved me, you'd steal me a penguin."

But seriously, poor penguin!


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