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I grew up in a DC suburb, Reston, and although it was very smug about the planned community, to the point of being extremely annoying about it, part of the original planning was precisely so that there -would- be subsidized apartments near big houses, so there wouldn't be a wrong side of the tracks. It's my impression that the town has only gotten more and more expensive and homogeneous in the 17 or so years since I lived there, which is really too bad. It's not like it was ever a model of integration, but I certainly was used to going to school with kids who didn't look or talk like me, and I doubt that that's true today.


I am fascinated by the delight those people are taking in their own ignorance. The people quoted in the article are completely removed from all reality, and they love it. They're not just afraid of conflict with the pick-up-driving, working class people moving into their old neighborhoods -- they're afraid of anything different, because it might actually cause them to re-evaluate their goals in life.

I would hope that the people they're avoiding move down the street from them soon, but I guess if you can pay $700,000 for a house, you can up and move to another exclusive exurb.


I live in Reston now and this is still part of its strength. Sure, when you buy, everyone warns you not to buy off of Glade, near the subsidized housing, where the less prestigious elementary school is, but overall the area is more diverse -- without being scary -- than most of northern Virginia. As NoVA has integrated, there have been gang problems in some parts of the area, unfortunately, and Reston seems to manage things well.

Lisa, all I could think of was the same thing as you -- that people are moving further and further out because they can't afford to live close in. Hell, $700k, isn't very expensive in NoVA terms, so that exurb is likely far more integrated than those idiots in that gated community would like to think.

I'm sure they also argue for "quality of life" while making a 40+ mile commute into DC everyday.

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