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It's nice that the person writing the article found the callers to be polite. Perhaps it's because there's a small amount of money involved in the transactions off Craigslist?

My husband and I didn't have such good experiences with Freecyle (http://www.freecycle.org/). I love the idea of Freecycle, and I might use it again in the future, but the fact that the stuff is free causes an incredible feeding frenzy.

We got something like 25 emails about a (of all the ridiculous items) five-foot garden hose, and some of the people were *really* aggessive. They seemed to feel they just couldn't go on without that tiny, useless hose.

We also received a nasty call (from someone who somehow found our number) and a some nasty emails when we Freecycled a car. I guess the people who didn't get it were a little ticked.


Anne, thanks for the first-person experience. We're about to post our moving boxes on Craigslist (anyone in the Bay Area want some moving boxes? Includes many dishpacks and glassware boxes (with foam sleeves), 2 wardrobe boxes, 1 appliance box? For cheap?) and, if that doesn't unload them, then move on to FreeCycle and PennySaver.


I gave away my hot tub through craigslist. The guy who took it seemed nice, and I liked to think that he was able to have an item that he wouldn't normally be able to afford, and I was able to get that thing off my tiny patch of lawn so that I can put in a garden. Win-win!

Everyone contacted me through the anonymous email address, and they provided me with a number to call them. Everyone that I called was very nice.

Ex-Monkey Ben

Toss a cheap throw over the thing and you have a new piece of furniture... more or less. We bought a lovely armchair -- perhaps you or Phil had occasion to sit in it -- that our eldest cat felt compelled to utterly destroy. We bought a nice cover and it looks good. Same with our couch. The boy... well, he had one too many pudding massacres. And yet you might never know it, but for this confession. Cheap throws! They're like penicillin for living room furniture!


Oh, Ben, you saw our old couch. The cats had massacred TWO separate slipcovers in addition to the couch -- they really had it in for the furniture. If slipcovers and throws are the penecillin of couches, these cats are the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Hence our moving to the Mission model, as it's got a LOT of wood. The cats have also left the upholstered parts alone, thanks to us spraying the couch daily with this stuff we got at Petco.

The next step: giving away at least one of our two denuded armchairs. The hideous recliner, alas, will be staying in the house, as it's the cats' favorite place to sleep -- Zito on the seat and Isabel on the back or inside.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I felt compelled to respond to your comment about how people try to unload their crap on poor people. Someone who was struggling once said to me, "The poor already have crap. They don't need any more, thank you!" Something we should all remember!

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