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That first paragraph up there is a classic. You crack me up.

I inherited all of Mom's holiday stuff, and about the only part of it I have any enthusiasm for is the Hallowe'en decorations. So I'll be rummaging through it all this weekend to see what I've got to work with.

Open flame seems to be a motif, which makes me wonder whether (or why) we want the little trick-or-treaters to catch fire from our candles.

We're gearing up for a sci-fi con next weekend, and I'll likely just throw elements together and call it a preview costume. (Fairy wings + long purple dress = fairy princess!)

I am not ashamed of my nerdiness.

Ex-Monkey Ben

We had a party last weekend for Mama's coworkers. It went well, I suppose. We've decorated the front of the house a bit and I suspect we'll have a lot of visitors on Monday night. For an account of last year's festivities, read this and shake your head or roll your eyes or whatever. I have an editorial in Monday's Press-Enterprise about "Halloween killjoys" -- you know, the folks who think the holiday is dopey, or satanic, or "too American." I think it's just fine. I enjoy the kids coming around and complementing the costumes and acting all frightened. I think it's one of those things one should do. It's a harmless ritual.

Incidentally, there was a delightful -- if horrifying -- story in USA Today about a week ago that featured designer Halloween custumes. Parents spending $500 - $1,000 or more on costumes! Can you imagine? (My joke: those must be high threadcount sheets!)


Last night the BF and I went to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and had a grand old time playing along in the silliness. Not so grand? Getting in at 3 am dead tired. I will be waiting for the cheap candy sales.


I forsee the future: once the real estate bubble really blows, I don't think the suburbanites will be wasting money on junk to decorate for the holidays. But I suppose we must keep China's boom going....

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