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I just read an article in Slate about Forth & Towne and so I remembered you mentioning it before. No news on the clothes?


I read that Slate piece, too, and judging by the slideshow of Forth and Towne clothing, the store is all over the place. And not in a good way -- not eclectic, just scattershot.

drunken monkey

It does look like it's all over the place -- any store that offers both that oversized sweatsuit and the cute printed dress early in the slideshow doesn't seem to know what it's aiming for.

I think they're trying to be all things to a particular demographic, but it's such a wide age range that they might do better being one thing -- work wear, casual wear, etc.

My mother and my grandmother are both in their demographic; my stepmother and a few of my friends are a couple of years away. I can't see any of them shopping at the same store with much regularity, and I think that will be this chain's problem. The only store I can think of that would perhaps appeal to them all, aside from discount stores like Wal-Mart, is Reitman's, and that's Canadian.


Oh, Rebecca, I was angling to get to one of the malls that has a Forth & Towne the whole time I was there. Unfortunately, other events intervened. I am DYING to see what the clothes are like.

Thanks for the Slate link! I hadn't seen that.


I think drunken monkey nailed it. The whole Forth and Towne concept exists in that netherworld between a boutique with a unified vision and a department store -- and really, I didn't think most department stores were doing all that well these days.

drunken monkey

After reading the linked articles, I think they may also be wrongheaded about their social shopping approach. Do many women that age really have time to lounge about in a dressing room? If they wanted to, would they do it in a dressing room at the mall? I think it's great that they're attempting to make dressing rooms more comfortable, because some of them are really off-putting, but I also think they may be wasting valuable floor space and energy with the chairs and such.

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