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James Angove

For you? The Field Museum. No question.

Elsewise, what do you like? When my parents were out last spring, we only hit one really touristy kinda spot; that Art Institute, which I love. I other wise managed to keep them interested in a couple of low key walking tours and some good dinners.

I live in the North West (the part of Chicago. I grew up in the part of the country). and like lots and lots of little things about my neigborhood. Some of the El stations are just fun to stand on, for example. If you get back north, the Green Mill can be fun.


Modern Art and the 'normal' art museum are also fantab. I've lived in Chi for 8 years this summer and I still hit up both of those as often as I can (okay they also have free days once a week and I'm a cheap date). Nothing beats walking down a corridor and seeing American Gothic, just sitting there, gothing at you.


I live in Chicago and I totally forget all the things to do here unless someone asks me.

I think the Shedd Aquarium is always fun and the Art Institute too, especially if they have a good show. Millenium Park is something to see, especially when the weather is nice - along with Lincoln Park Zoo if you lurve the animals. And if you want to go ultra touristy and you're back in decent weather - I always love an architecture tour (either by bus or boat).

But Chicago is always about the food - there are so many great places to eat here - but when you're back next, try to have an italian beef from Portillos and a slice of deep dish pizza from Giordano's. But the New York Times wrote us up this week (http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/09/25/travel/tmagazine/25GASTROHUB.html) for some amazing places to eat as well that don't involve a steakhouse.


Annaliese reminded me! Best late night burger in the city can be found at the Drake Hotel's Coq d'Or (also a stellar toasted tuna fish sandwich). The bookbinder soup is one of my father's vices.

I frequent the Lincoln Park Zoo and the neighboring conservatory (free, both!) weekly, even in winter.

If you come during Taste, I find it over crowded but worthy of gastronomical joy.


I've lived in Chicago for about six months and just went on one of the architectural boat tours last weekend -- it was great. It's very cool to learn which skyscraper is which, the stories behind them, etc. I'd recommend the Wendella river tour. We did the combined river/lake tour, but the time you spend waiting to get through the lock to the lake makes it not worth it. The river is the best part.

Also, be sure to check what's showing at The Art Institute. The Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit is has been here for a while -- it was fabulous -- but I think it's on its way out.

And stop by the Marshall Field's store on State Street to learn why Chicagoans are heartbroken over the whole Macy's name change thing.


Near the Art Institute is a wonderful restaurant called Russian Tea-Time. The ambiance is wonderful, and the flavored-vodka flights are a great excuse to drink hard liquor at lunchtime!


The next time, don't miss the Art Institute, the International Museum of Surgical Science, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Field Museum. Spend a long afternoon on one of the beaches along Lake Michigan. Ride up either the Sears Tower or the Hancock because, touristy or not, the view of this magnificent city from so far up is just. gorgeous. Eat. And eat some more. Oh, and I second Russian Tea Time. Buy books at Powell's.

And, by the way, the body slices are cool by us, too. (*grin*)

Best regards.



Lisa! Beluga whales! Wall O' Sharks! Sunken Amazon Rainbasin with gigantic anaconda! The Shedd, girl, it's all about the Shedd. I spent a whole day there when I visited in May and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. It made me sort of hate our piddly Seattle Aquarium, and it's the only one I've been to that compares *remotely* to the MBA.


No one mentioned one place that's at least as cool as the Shedd, and that's the Adler Planetarium. They have redone and expanded the building and most of the exhibits. Almost everything there is worthwhile, except for the two smaller 'theaters'. The main sky show is still pretty good but the two other shows I saw there were just worthless.
Hyde Park is wonderful for strolling around and exploring, I enjoy riding to el just to look out the windows, and don't forget to visit Chinatown. MillenniumPark.org has a downloadable mp3 audio tour that's a great way to see (and understand) the whole park.

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