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You know, I think this is a great argument for not having a listed phone number. Because I am not in Zabasearch. There are a million people with my first and last name, but none of them are me. I have never had a listed phone number in my life, and that seems to be the secret.


It seems to think that I'm married to my brother, as it lists me at two of his former addresses -- but doesn't have my current one, since I don't have a land line anymore.


heh. it seems to think I'm 60 years old and living at my old address.

I'm feeling younger all the time!


An unlisted phone number is not the secret - both my mother and uncle have never been listed, but are on zabasearch. Not only that, but my mother's physical address is there, and she has never used it for mail. I should be able to figure out whether there is a secret to staying off of it, since I am not on it with my current name or current married name, but am listed with a name that is not current.


You said: The letter must include e-mail address, full name, address, phone ...

MUST?!?! Says WHO??!!
Just write to those arrogant a-holes and tell them to remove the information they have that you want removed, and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MORE INFO than they already have.


Hey, Self, thanks for the advice. Please check back with the site and let me know how that strategy worked out for you.

Robert H Lafleur

please take my name and all my personal information about me off your file thank you

Frank Castle

Another thing that people dont realize if you own property, that address will show up in public records and then all they have to do is go to the property search website and the rest is pretty easy. thx for the comments.

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