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Yes, that description shouts "Womens' Jeans" to me - code around here for elastic waists and panels that are supposedly flattering but actually are not.

I also really want to see pictures now - both of the store and the clothes.


Great. Sounds like more clothes for 60 year-old women being marketed towards 35 year-olds. Don't they get that we don't want to dress just like our moms?

The (adult) Gap store doesn't genuinely try to sell to a 30 year age span, so why play these games with their "old lady" store?

drunken monkey

The NYT article today had pictures.

April N

There are also pictures of the store and clothes on the Gap Inc. website: http://www.gapinc.com/public/Media/med_image_ft.shtml


I went up to the store in West Nyack, NY yesterday, and I was pleased. I'm 31, 5'4", and wear a size 18-20. I do NOT fit into so-called plus-sizes, though - my proportions are just not like that. That leaves me stuck with Talbots (yeecch), Old Navy (fine, but not exactly durable or well made or office appropriate), or ordering online from the Gap or similar (for which I pay massive shipping chargs, only to frequently have to return 90% of what I order). So when I heard that these guys would stock 16+, I went to look. The stock ranged from flowy shapeless things to really closely cut, structured things, and everything inbetween. There were things clearly aimed at older customers, but I don't think the store would be off the mark dressing anyone from their mid-20s on. The only thing that I really HATED was that ALL of their pants were cut to sit on the waist. It's pretty much universally unflattering - and it's not like the only options for trouser cuts are 4", pube-showing rises, or 12" belly-button covering rises. The prices were decent, the quality was decent, the staff were all very helpful... I'm a (mostly) happy camper, and I'm going back.

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