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Can't your focus just be thoughtful and insightful commentary? That's why I come here. I know the topics will be wildly diverse, but I'll always come away knowing something I didn't know before and often exclaiming, "Wow, I never looked at it that way before!" I've enjoyed your commentary on religion, consumerism, reading habits ... I'd hate to see you narrow your topical focus.

I think there's a place for topic-driven blogs, but I also think there is a place for thought-driven blogs, and yours is a shining example of the latter. I admire your ability to digest and analyize trends and behavior. Keep up the good work, Lisa.


I enjoy coming here and finding out what is going on in your life (you never call--you never write!) and also find out what has tweaked your focus most recently. I always enjoy the read and frequently follow links or look further on my own.

I think of this as a personal reader service from someone that I know and trust and enjoy reading. If I check it every few days or once a week, something is going to catch my attention as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Rage Diaries.


Here's another vote for continuing with your theme of "an intelligent person saying interesting things about scattered subjects." It's a perfectly fine theme, and it's why I check your site pretty much every day.


Happy birthday! And here's still another vote for the theme "good, smart writer tackles wide range of themes well."

Best regards


I really like the fact that I never know what I'm going to get when I come here. When I call a friend I don't know what kind of mood she's going to be in, whether she's worked up about Wal*Mart's personnel policies or she's going to tell me "Hey, today I read this article that mentioned Donna Troy! Like Wonder Girl!" It's a human quality that content-specific blogs don't have.

Often I'll look at a magazine rack and notice that the media seems to be getting ever-more compartmentalized; it's very easy for people to narrow the topics on which they choose to inform themselves. I would hate to see you quit writing about fashion or publishing or whatever didn't fit into some semi-arbitrary boundary you drew for TRD.


Add me to the chorus of voices that says you do have a focus. That's your voice. For one thing, I think you hold a high standard towards writing that is a cogent reaction to media, culture and consumerism as opposed ot a blah de blah rant. It's calling us to look a bit deeper in our analysis of what we're buying, reading, viewing.


Bit late and I don't comment that often but I agree with the above that I love coming to this blog for the variety that it has (and the monkeys). It's nice to hear your thoughts and reactions to both the major stories and the smaller ones that I wasn't even aware of until I read them here.

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